The Association of Retired Conservationists was organized by a group of retirees from the Wisconsin Conservation Department in the 1960's. By the mid-1970's, the WCD had been combined with the Department of Resource Development to form the Department of Natural Resources, and the retirees group had grown significantly, met monthly for lunch and began inviting speakers to address the group on issues of interest to the members. Today, the organization has more than two hundred members.

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February 1
5614 Schroeder Rd., Madison
Social Hour
11:00am Social Hour
12:30pm Lunch

Fellow ARC members, 

I write this President's Message from sunny, 80 degree Key Largo, Florida while I watch the fishing boats head out for a day of fishing on the Atlantic Ocean.  As I near the end of a two month stay in Florida I am mindful of how fortunate I am to be able to take this vacation. I am also mindful of the responsibility that I have to do my part for the society that provides these opportunities. 

Those responsibilities include, and really center on, being involved however we can in making our society better.  I think that means voting in every local, state and national election.  It means volunteering for organizations that help others whom are less fortunate.  It can even mean something as simple as attending ARC meetings to share knowledge and experiences (and, yes, jokes ) that may help others - especially the newly retired. 

So please be thankful for what you have and transfer that thankfulness into involvement in our society wherever you can. 

Bruce Chevis